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Class A Solid Red

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Class A Solid Red

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Ketley are one of the very few manufacturers who can produce solid red facing bricks to a Class A specification.

Ketley Staffordshire red 'Class A' bricks are used in a broad variety of applications either due to their acid resistance and strength or for aesthetic and architectural purposes. This means Ketley Staffordshire reds can be seen in commercial developments, landscaping, and for structural uses such as bridges and factory walls.


Product Code: PTL490
Availabiltity: In Stock
Category II
Masonry Unit Group HD
Engineering Grade A
Tolerance category T2
Range category R1
Durability F2
Bond Strength 0.15N/mm2
Net Dry Density 2200 Kg/m3
Active soluble salts content S2
Water absorption Less than 4.5%
Compressive strength 12N/mm2
Pack Size 400
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